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Digital, is it worth investing?

Posted on June 9, 2012 at 8:43 AM Comments comments (313)
Lots of customers asked me: what do you think about digital solution?

Well, it's a social trend, everybody wants to get rid of a social obligation of professionalism, and printing is a profession, good or bad? who knows?

Anyway, most of the presses at the show had same Jetrion  printing units, too much ink for a good 4 colours process,

try to print a green on a thermosensitive paper!  slightly better than a bad screen printing unit.

About making  money with digital?  Anything over 1.000 labels  sized mm 100x100 makes you loose money if you compare with any good old semi rotary letterpress machine.

Of course if you compare with a  rotary flexo machine, the figures are different, but why comparing a bad solution to the digital solution?

Regarding this comparaison charts  , it's  a little "strange" that all digital machines makers mention only flexo presses when comparing to digital printing,
does HP, Xeikon, EFI and all others ignore semi rotary presses , letterpress and offset ?
Hard to believe.
With any intermittent press , from Agena 280 to Gallus, Codimag , and over 20 makers
of such type of presses you can run very short label orders much more profitable than Indigo press or any other digital press, with much much less maintenance costs.
Oh ! impossible to print variable prints with intermittent presses ?
what share of the market is the variable printing ? less than 1% of the global market.
and lasrt but not the least :
More than 50% of the label printing companies which went bankrupt in 2010
where digital printing comapnies, knowing that there are less than 20% companies
all together , using digital printing machines …..